Pirate Head

Spencer wright front
Spencer wright screenshot003
Spencer wright side
Spencer wright back
Spencer wright screenshot006

Pirate Head [Nautical Project]

Spencer wright 0 keywordsexploration

Exploring my initial keywords: rugged, silence and delicate. First I explored the word "silence", then the word "rugged" and finally "delicate", all using shapes and things I associated with the words, then analysing their properties

Spencer wright img 0647

Original sketch page of head proportions and quick ideas

Spencer wright 13 greyscale

Greyscale dIgital sketch

Spencer wright 19 final

Coloured digital sketch

Spencer wright 20 silhouette


This is my final product for the “Nautical” theme we were given in college. I decided to go with a part-human, part-fish pirate. My goal in this project was to practise creating organic shapes using sculpting tools like Zbrush, I had never really done this before. This was a really awesome learning experience for me, and I’m actually really proud of how well the final product has come out. Not only have a learnt how to use sculpting tools more efficiently, but I have learnt some really cool techniques which improve my overall modelling.

I used Zbrush to sculpt the head and crystal, Maya for the jewellery, Topogun to retopologize the mesh from Zbrush, Marvelous Designer to create the cloth, Substance Painter to texture everything, and Marmoset Toolbag 3 to bake and render the head. Please leave any feedback you can, hope you like :)