Pokemon Let's Go: Uni 3D Project

Staffs Uni: Introduction to 3D | 'Pokemon Let's Go' Submission

Spencer wright diningtable
Spencer wright sinkarea
Spencer wright fridge
Spencer wright counter
Spencer wright sofa
Spencer wright desk
Spencer wright bed
Spencer wright tv
Spencer wright board1 props

My reference images

This was the first project in my 3D classes at Staffs Uni as a first-year, which lasted about the whole semester, with about 3 weeks of creation. I was given a village in the style of Pokemon Let's Go, with an empty house interior that I had to fill out with furniture in the same style. I modelled and textured everything except the floors, stairs, bannisters, walls, exterior environment and playable character. Everything inside the building is of my own creation, following closely to the reference images I collect.